Do you think of your data center costs as a fixed expense? Think again. Find out how SVK Tech can help you free your data center from being locked in to proprietary systems that swiftly drain your annual budget. We'll help you deploy Linux with confidence, so that you can reduce costs while enabling your IT environment to respond to your business needs.

 You really do have a choice.

 --- Open Enterprise Server
 --- SUSE Linux
 --- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Why choose Novell for your data center?

Linux* is about more than an operating system. It's about applications and databases that run on Linux. It's about technical support. It's about consulting expertise. It's about training. And most importantly, it's about you. How will Linux help you run your business better? Not all  Linux distributions  are created equally. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from Novell, you get the best-engineered Linux from a vendor that can deliver a global ecosystem to surround it.

Where can I use Linux in my data center?

More and more UNIX users are making the move to Linux-and no wonder. The flexible nature of Linux and its lower costs are truly compelling! Whether you are using Linux for edge infrastructure, hosting a database or running a mission-critical application, you need a comprehensive, enterprise-class solution. Only Novell offers a complete Linux solution featuring the scalable, high-performance platform you want-and the powerful security and management tools that you need.

Linux for Small & Medium Sized Business

Your business needs you. IT infrastructure is the last thing you want to think about. But communication with your customers depends on them. With SUSE Linux from Novell, you can build your edge infrastructure the way you define it-affordably, easily and efficiently. An array of unique management features, including a graphical user interface for configuration and pattern deployments for installation, make it easy to get your edge services up and running without sacrificing performance, reliability, scalability or security. Plus, it's supported by the industry's leading partner network, so there's always someone close you can trust. So you can open your enterprise with confidence.