End user support service

SVKTECH end user support services provides an integrated set of preventive, self-enablement and assisted-support technologiesóas well as onsite supportódesigned to provide one-on-one assistance to users. Leveraging these autonomic methods and technologies, you can reduce the number of help desk support requests and shorten the duration of help desk calls to lower costs and improve the overall productivity and satisfaction of end users. And with the ability to avoid problems before they occur, you can simplify your support organization, better manage expenses by avoiding escalating costs associated with multiple service desks, and achieve greater system reliability and availability.


SVK Tech end user support services
IBM software platform management services helps you reduce the time, expense and complexity associated with managing end user software platforms, which can help you avoid problems before they occur, or to resolve them more quickly when they do happen. As a result, you can potentially reduce the cost and time involved in maintaining software images and enable reliable access to applications with fewer interruptions. What we offer
     Customized solutions to help optimize your end user environment
     SVK Tech software platform management services
          :: For platform design and configuration management
          :: For software packaging
          :: For software distribution