Mid-Tier Integration

Service areas include SOA integration, application infrastructure, IT lifecyle and governance, infrastructure optimization and information on demand.


IT Strategy and Architecture

We can provide the means to help you evolve your IT infrastructure and operating environment to support new hardware and software capabilities and increase IT's business value.


Operating System Services

Optimize and support multi-technology environments for mission-critical applications across UNIX, Linux and open source, and Microsoft Windows platforms.


Networking Services

Speeds your response to fast-moving challenges and opportunities in both wired and wireless environments.


Network Storage Services

Meet your changing information-management needs with storage solutions that spell competitive advantage. SVK Services professionals offer expert assistance across the storage lifecycle.


Server Services

Services include optimization and integration, management, use of new technologies and adoption of brand and non-brand server products.


Security Services

Safeguard priceless information assets against security threats - while you ease appropriate access for employees, customers, and partners.


IT Services Management

SVK helps you build a first-rate IT service operation based on best industry practices for integrating people, processes, and technology.


IT Consolidation Services

SVK's comprehensive IT Consolidation Services help you analyze, architect, design, implement, and manage IT Consolidation solutions that can optimize IT to increase business value..


  Application Consolidation

  Reduce maintenance costs and improve performance by consolidating multiple applications and application instances


  Database Consolidation

  Improve performance by reducing the number of redundant or maintenance intensive databases


  Data Center Consolidation

  Overcome server, storage and application sprawl by consolidating your data centers


  IT Management Consolidation

  Improve service levels and better manage dynamic workloads by implementing intelligent management capabilities


  Network Consolidation

  Improve security and simplify network management by implementing enterprise-wide solutions


  Server Consolidation

  Eliminate the complexity of your server environment by consolidating your operations onto fewer servers


  Storage Consolidation

  Improve operational efficiencies by simplifying and standardizing on networked storage


  Workplace Consolidation

  Increase end-user productivity by improving your ability to manage the lifecycle of your end-user workplace environment


Desktop Lifecycle Services

Simplify support and reduce TCO for your critical desktops. From planning to deployment to Management to transition, SVK Services solutions span the client-computing lifecycle.


Utility Computing Services

Leverage SVK consulting, management, and support services to make the most of utility solutions that match compute capacity with fluctuating demand.