IT Consolidation Services

SVK's comprehensive IT Consolidation Services help you analyze, architect, design, implement, and manage IT Consolidation solutions that can optimize IT to increase business value.


As your IT requirements escalate, so do the many associated but necessary costs. Though it's clear the need to economize is more pressing than ever, where do you begin?

SVK Services has the answers. We can help you get started with the right IT Consolidation solutions designed to reduce the complexity of your IT environment while lowering costs and freeing resources for innovation throughout the solution lifecycle. Solutions include Application ,Database Consolidation, DataCenter Consolidation, IT Management Consolidation, IT Utility, Servers and Storage Consolidation, and Workplace Consolidation.

Choose the right partner.


SVK Services offers proven expertise, collaborative partnering, and a flexible approach to delivering IT Consolidation solutions. We can take on all or any part of your consolidation project, supporting every lifecycle phase from analysis and strategy, to architecture and validation, on through design, implementation, and ongoing management.


Our IT Consolidation Services are designed to help your organization achieve:


  :: Simplicity - Consolidating your hardware, storage, databases, applications, and processes enables you to lower costs and better manage your IT environment.

  :: Agility - As you streamline your IT environment, your organization can better adapt to changes in the marketplace.

  :: Value - By integrating your IT resources, you can unlock the value of assets, increase revenues and profitability and create a competitive advantage.


If your company is looking for a partner to help you cut costs, increase flexibility, optimize assets, and extend the value and reach of the enterprise through consolidation, SVK Services is your best choice.