IT Services Management

SVK helps you build a first-rate IT service operation based on best industry practices for integrating people, processes, and technology.


Today, when business success depends on a well-run IT infrastructure, your ability to manage IT services is being put to the highest test. You must deliver maximum value while tightly controlling costs.


A proven method for transforming your IT operations

SVK Services professionals can help you choose the right mix of powerful solutions and transform the way your organization delivers IT services. Our approach to ITSM leverages:


  :: Significant experience and expertise

  :: ITIL-based best practices that promote business effectiveness and efficiency

  :: SVK Software management solutions to more effectively manage and measure the entire infrastructure


We guide you through a well-planned journey charted by a process map, the SVK ITSM Reference Model. Our model can help you better align IT with business goals, design and deploy IT services to support those goals, and enhance service operations to deliver high-quality service at reduced costs.

With ITSM from SVK, you can evolve your IT organization from the role of technology provider to a valued contributor, fully aligned with the business goals of your enterprise