Mid-Tier Integration

Service areas include SOA integration, application infrastructure, IT lifecyle and governance, infrastructure optimization and information on demand.


If you’re like most IT organizations, you may be facing significant pressure to use IT to support business innovation. This newfound focus on IT as a key enabler to achieving competitive advantage and growing the business has shed light on the challenges that are keeping IT from being able to deliver greater value to the business. Most of these challenges are centered around:


  :: Disconnected business processes and applications

  :: Management of information that is multiplying exponentially

  :: The ability to run IT in line with business objectives


All of these challenges have middleware in common. Located between your business processes and the infrastructure needed to execute them is the middleware layer. This is where everything — people, processes, information - can come together to create a seamless flow of information and insight across the enterprise.

By enabling seamless integration of the application layer with the infrastructure layer, SVK can help you optimize your IT environment, generate higher returns on IT investments, and yield greater business value and innovation from IT.

Middleware services from SVK

SVK can provide a full lifecycle of middleware services based on our virtually unmatched experience in understanding, leveraging, extending and optimizing existing client assets. We can help clients achieve their goals more quickly and with decreased risk because we can leverage our vast set of best practices, methodologies, tools and proven architectures gained over years of diverse engagement experience with clients in all industries worldwide. Our ability to help create asset-based services can result in faster time to value. We also have bidirectional access to the developers and engineers who designed and built SVK’s marketplace-leading middleware products, ensuring that our clients always have access to our best ideas and technologies.

We offer a comprehensive and broad portfolio of middleware services that lets you leverage a combination of optimization and innovation techniques, so you can run IT more efficiently and transform it to better align with the needs of the business at the same time:


  :: Services-oriented architecture (SOA): We can help you design, implement and manage an architecture built for flexibility that builds applications and processes in a way that allows for greater integration and reuse of resources.

  :: Information on demand: We can help you consolidate your information management infrastructure to better integrate information at a lower cost, so you can deliver the right information to the right people when and where they need it.

  :: Service management and governance: We can help you connect and more effectively manage all of the services efforts across your IT organization with an emphasis on supporting evolving business strategy and objectives. We can also help you create the visibility and accountability needed to ensure that IT stays aligned with the business.

SVK offers the following middleware services:

  :: SVK SOA Integration Services

  :: SVK Application Infrastructure Services

  :: SVK IT Lifecycle Management and Governance Services

  :: SVK Information on Demand Infrastructure Services

  :: SVK Managed Application Infrastructure Services

  :: SVK Infrastructure Optimization Services


  Middleware services can help you achieve significant benefits:

  :: Create an agile infrastructure that enables business process integration

  :: Increase business flexibility and decrease IT complexity

  :: Reduce the costs of business integration

  :: Simplify integration through SVK lifecycle methodologies and tool expertise

  :: Improve the management of infrastructures

  :: Increase visibility and improve management and quality of IT services

  :: Create an IT infrastructure designed to address regulatory requirements

  :: Increase the value of existing IT investments

  :: Enhance information availability, quality and value


Middleware services span the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure. From initial strategy, design and implementation to ongoing management and optimization, we’re able to provide you with services that meet you where you are today and help you get where you need to go for tomorrow.