Networking Services



Your network infrastructure plays an increasingly central role in enabling the high levels of agility you need to respond quickly to fast-moving business opportunities and challenges.

Today, both wireless and next-generation wired networks have to deliver immediate access for your customers, partners, employees, and suppliers - without compromising the security of your corporate data. They have to be readily and cost-effectively adaptable to support organizational changes such as mergers and acquisitions. And they have to streamline implementation of new business models including transactional Web sites, supply chain management, outsourced business functions, B2B collaboration, and customer relationship management via the Internet.

With more than 30 years of experience in networking and systems integration, SVK Services can help you build a next-generation communications infrastructure that meets all these essential criteria. Our Adaptive Network Architecture Services give you an innovative way to design and build cost-saving modular networks - and to seamlessly integrate them with your legacy infrastructure. We deliver end-to-end lifecycle services in emerging arenas such as storage networking, IP telephony, network consolidation, and intelligent-building technology. And we offer industry-leading know-how to help you select the network solutions that best support your IT and business strategies.

A unique combination of top-tier network services, products, and partnerships

Partnering with SVK for network infrastructure solutions gives you direct access to:

::A collaborative, customer-centered approach focused on your specific needs

::Sophisticated network staging and deployment capabilities

::Extensive project management experience and expertise

::Customized engineering and consulting support for complex internetworking efforts

::Datacenter networking know-how spanning infrastructure, security, middleware communication, and application data     flows

::State-of-the-art network management solutions based on SVK OpenView

::Proven methodologies and best practices to enhance your peace of mind and increase your ROI

::Multivendor support capabilities to help ensure successful network integration and smooth ongoing operations

::A full portfolio of mission-critical support services to help maximize network availability and performance

::Long-standing partnerships with Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, and other networking pace-setters

::Global services reach via offices in 160 countries