Dealing with viruses, hackers, compliance issues and theft is bad enough. Throw in a few thousand users who need the new HR application, and you've got a recipe for disaster. We're talking lose your weekend kind of disaster! Novell can put you back in control of all your IT resources.

--- ZENworks

Ensure Security and Compliance

Due to the current and future risks associated with outside forces like viruses, theft, loss of devices and hackers, IT professionals are looking for ways to ensure their companies' intellectual property isn't compromised. This includes the ability to track and enforce policies that govern their businesses. These demands are also coming from regulatory compliances like Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA that require companies to document and prove policy enforcement.

Reduce Management Costs

As business needs change, IT environments become more complex. Customers are adding new operating systems, devices, applications and other IT resources. These diverse environments are increasing costs and demands on IT staffs, who already have limited resources. They want to find a solution that will not only save them money but that will also allow them to work on more strategic initiatives.

Maximize Value of Assets

Organizations are spending a significant part of their IT budgets on hardware, software and other IT resources. Due to these costs, they want to know that they are getting a significant return on their investment. Not only do they want to know that they are getting a significant return on their investments, they also want to ensure that the resources can be used to their maximum ability. For example, a laptop that may no longer be able to support the latest operating system might be used for a temporary worker or for tracking application usage and re-allocating the license if a user isn't utilizing the software.