Today's enterprises need to protect their IT infrastructures from information theft and comply with regulations while ensuring users' privacy. Security and Identity solutions offer network security and identity management that help you secure your information assets without reducing operational effectiveness or compromising new opportunities. Novell can help you keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in without limiting your ability to do business in the real world.

 --- Novell Identity Manager

Security & Identity: IT Cost Reduction

Given the complexity of today's business and IT environment, how do you cost-effectively secure and protect business assets without compromising new business opportunities or reducing operational effectiveness? IT complexity underscores the need to integrate, secure and manage diverse and often disconnected IT infrastructure built over the course of several acquisitions and many years of investment. Novell Identity & Access Management solutions help integrate, secure and manage information assets to reduce complexity. These solutions provide IT integration by unifying identity information and policies across all the different systems in an organization to reduce complexity. Centrally managed policies enable the consistent application of security across diverse environments. Business policies also define and automate approval processes and enable business managers to administer their own user's access needs. This reduces the IT burden of administering users when roles change, resulting in dramatic IT cost reduction and protection of systems from former employees.

Passwords can contribute to complexity for users and costs for IT, learn how Novell can help.

Secure and Manage Access to ensure network security

Automate User Provisioning for solid IT security

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