Security Services


The professionals at SVK Services are uniquely equipped to help you guard against security threats and, at the same time, streamline appropriate information access for your employees, customers, and partners. We have more than two decades of experience as a security provider for enterprises and government bodies around the world. We can help you meet your short-term needs as well as your long-term goals from security training to policy definition, ethical hacking to solution design, platform hardening to implementing and managing a secure global infrastructure.

Unlike other vendors, we take a comprehensive approach, with complete lifecycle services for designing, building, integrating, managing, and evolving sound security solutions, including:


:: Security Planning and Governance - to gauge security risks, define security policies and governance structures, and prepare your people for security implementations

:: Trustworthy Infrastructure - to establish end-to-end IT security and implement appropriate technologies including data centers, networks, productivity tools, desktops, and wireless devices

:: Identity and Access Management - to strengthen application-level security with advanced identity provisioning and policy-based access controls

:: Proactive Security Management - to provide dynamic capabilities for protecting against and responding to diverse security threats across your IT infrastructure

:: Security Education and Training - to keep your people current with state-of-the-art practices and technologies