Our primary focus is on the customer and deliver cost effective solutions designed around their requirements maximizing the ROI and meeting their business goals.

With the help of our strategic partners and advisors , we have gained access to resources to develop software applications that best suit the customer needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure.

We have extensive expertise in different domains and technologies/platforms.

Our software application development services include:

Client/Server Applications

The more popular technologies for developing client/server applications are .NET and Java. At SVK Tech, we possess the expertise to develop client/server solutions using different technologies and platforms that best suit customer requirements and existing infrastructure.

Web-based Applications & Portals

J2EE, Microsoft .NET and Open Source Technology are the more dominant technology frameworks for developing enterprise web based applications. The key advantages of web based applications are:

Easy to develop and deploy
Easy to support and upgrade
Easy to manage

SVK Tech has significant expertise in developing web based applications that suits the customer needs and infrastructure.
Enterprise Business Solutions

We provide Custom designed enterprise business solutions which are much better suited to the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Such solutions can automate the operations of all the various departments of an organization such as finance/accounting, sales/marketing, purchase, inventory and payroll/HR.

SVK Tech's vast experience in developing such solutions is highly practical & proven with the help of our strategic partners and domain experts. We can study the internal processes of your organization and recommend a solution to automate and integrate the various departments of your enterprise under one comprehensive system.

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I) Domains

SVK Tech with the help of our strategic partners has experience in providing business solutions for clients in a number of different industries and verticals. However, we have aquired in-depth knowledge in the following key domains:

Custom ERP solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises
Sales and Marketing

II) Technologies /Platforms

we have extensive experience in developing business solutions with the following technologies.

Language VB 6.0, VB.NET, C#.NET, VC++, JAVA.
Web Services Perl/CGI, PHP, J2EE, ASP and ASP .Net with Apache Server and IIS.
Operating System Linux and Microsoft Windows Platform
Database My SQL, Oracle, SQL Server and DB2