Storage Consolidation

Improve operational efficiencies by simplifying and standardizing on networked storage


IT growth can result in a disparate collection of devices that are poorly utilized and costly to manage. You can improve enterprise-wide operations and performance using SVK Storage Consolidation solutions. These solutions enable you to increase flexibility and drive down costs by standardizing and simplifying your storage environment onto networked storage.


  :: Application consolidation

Reduce the complexity and cost of storing and managing information associated with your critical business operations

  :: Online and SAN consolidation

Improve asset utilization and performance by simplifying your storage architectures and increasing storage efficiency

  :: Backup consolidation

Reduce costs and increase backup reliability by consolidating your backup processes and infrastructure

  :: Unified Infrastructure Management

Increase efficiencies and lower costs by unifying the management of your storage and server resources across your infrastructure

  :: Utility-ready storage

Balance the risks and capital costs associated with buying storage via flexible capacity, software and technology upgrades