If you are looking for a rock-solid, fully supported operating system that you can trust with even your most critical applications, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the one for you. Put this in your data center, and find out what "uptime" is all about.

Unlike Linux for hobbyists, hackers, or home users, this is an enterprise-class Linux server. It's a Linux server you can count on, knowing it's been through months of regression testing, test cases with applications like Oracle and SAP, and hardware tests on all the major processor architectures. All with the sole purpose of giving you a Linux server of the utmost stability and reliability, that Novell is proud to stand behind. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 is designed top to bottom for mission-critical use and minimal downtime. If that's what you're looking for, it's time to take a good look at SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Novell is changing the industry, empowering businesses to deploy Linux and open source with confidence.

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 empowers businesses to leverage Linux* and open source by delivering a scalable, high-performance foundation for secure enterprise computing. Built for reliability, it offers comprehensive functionality to power today’s networks and meet user demands. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also supports a broad range of hardware platforms and leading software applications.

Through its unique and open management capabilities, you can easily install, deploy, configure, secure and update Linux servers anywhere on your network—significantly reducing IT costs.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 is backed by Novell, giving you a reliable release cycle and a complete enterprise software ecosystem for Linux: technical support, training, consulting, indemnification and an extended partner network. The Novell commitment to open source, combined with our expertise in Linux integration, helps businesses of all sizes deploy Linux quickly and confidently.

Features and Benefits

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 is a scalable, high-performance foundation for secure enterprise computing. Backed by Novell, it offers comprehensive functionality to power today's networks and meet user demands.

Rely on a scalable, high-performance platform

Complex enterprise systems must perform well 24x7 and adapt to meet ever-changing user demands. Businesses can support mission-critical applications and ensure minimal downtime because SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10:

  • Delivers the first enterprise-class Linux* server built on the powerful new Linux 2.6 kernel

  • Features advanced I/O schedulers for quick application tuning

  • Offers support for the latest hardware and advanced network, storage and connectivity features for redundancy across peripherals and the network

  • Supports clustering for automatic fail-over

  • Provides Hotplug services for hardware change without system disruption

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 offers rich software-development capabilities through built-in network services and protocols, including CUPS, DNS, DHCP, IMAP, NTP, SLP, Postfix, PXE, Proxy, Samba, SNMP, SMTP and many others. It also includes application and database services-;such as Apache, JBoss*, Tomcat, MySQL* and PostgreSQL-and supports popular solutions from hundreds of independent software vendors.

Guarantee data privacy

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 has achieved the highest level of security and operations certification ever achieved in the Linux market—Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+-because of features like these:

  • Rich user management, authentication and access control

  • Support for encrypted file systems

  • Easy-to-use certificate authority and management

  • Virtual private networking

  • Integrated firewall and proxy services

  • Automated monitoring and intruder detection

Lower management costs

With an array of unique management features, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 is the easiest Linux to deploy, configure and maintain across the enterprise:

  • YaST enables easy installation and configuration of the operating system, network services, storage, clusters and even applications

  • AutoYaST enables “no touch” deployment of Linux across your infrastructure

  • Open application programming interfaces (APIs) and support for the Common Information Model (CIM) standard allow for integration with third-party management solutions

  • Class-based kernel resource management (CKRM) enables mainframe-like partitioning of large-scale servers

  • Directory-enabled configurations provide centralized management

  • Built-in support for Novell ZENworks Linux Management offers an optimal solution for keeping Linux servers and applications up-to-date and secure

  • A common code base ensures the use of consistent management tools and automatic

software updates-across all Linux deployments-for maximum flexibility and cost savings
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 also supports numerous architectures, including x86, AMD64, Intel* EM64T, the Intel Itanium* Processor family, IBM* POWER*, IBM zSeries* and IBM S/390*.

3-Click, Easy Install

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Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is easy - often in just 3 mouse clicks!

Setup and Configuration

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 is easy to setup and easy to use. The YaST installer guides systems administrators through the process of configuring the system and installing the software. Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 can also be done automatically, using AutoYaST.



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YaST also makes it easy to configure how and when services run.

Seamless Interoperation

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 supports samba3, which allows the server to seamlessly interoperate with other systems, such as Windows servers and clients.

Managing Systems

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SUSE LINE Enterprise Server makes managing systems services a snap. YaST provides an intuitive management console and uniform API for configuring virtually any OS component or service, such as samba, apache or even clustering.

Unbeatable Security

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offers unbeatable security features. Certificate management is a built-in feature, made easy with YaST.

System Updates

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Getting access to the latest system updates can be performed on an individual system using YaST Online Update (YOU) or in a managed fashion using Novell ZENworks Linux Management.

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