Utility Computing Services

Leverage SVK consulting, management, and support services to make the most of utility solutions that match compute capacity with fluctuating demand.


In todayís world of relentless and unpredictable change, aligning your IT infrastructure with actual usage gets tougher all the time. On the one hand, you canít afford to be caught short when demand spikes. On the other, overprovisioning and underutilization drain precious time, capital, and resources.

SVKís utility computing solutions address this dilemma by making infrastructure and applications available as "services" that let you dynamically dial up or dial down capacity to meet your changing business needs. We offer a diverse range of utility-based solutions including cost-saving PC, server, storage, mail and messaging, and print utilities; centralized data center infrastructure provisioning; and state-of-the-art distributed grid technologies.

Just as important, we help you maximize the return on your utility computing investments with a broad portfolio of consulting, management, and support services extending all the way from the desktop to the data center.

Diverse lifecycle services for utility solution success

Regardless of the specific utility solution you choose, SVK Services professionals stand ready to deliver the precise type and level of assistance you need at every step along the way.

We can provide expert needs assessment and design consultation. Speed and simplify infrastructure provisioning. Streamline solution implementation and startup. Ease financial planning and budgeting. Take responsibility for day-to-day operational management. And keep your solution up-and-running right with 24x7 end-user support.

SVK has made substantial investments in utility computing solutions design and development. We play an active role in utility and grid standards bodies around the globe. And we have in-depth experience in the technologies and strategies that drive successful solutions including virtualization; service oriented architectures; management outsourcing; and multivendor networking, applications, and resource sharing.