As your business grows, so does the complexity of your infrastructure. You face the challenge to provide a technical environment that eliminates complexity and supports the work processes of all your information workers.

Since employee productivity and business progress depend on the constant operation and integrity of your technical environment, you need an easy-to-manage workgroup solution you can trust.

 --- GroupWise
 --- Open Enterprise Server
 --- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
 --- Novell Linux Desktop

Enable Your Information Workers

The fundamental role of IT professionals today is meeting the needs of information workers. And if this sounds oversimplified, try imagining work without being able to schedule meetings people can come to, send messages that get read, remember to leave on time for a client lunch, find your contacts, manage your documents, back up your files, access information and applications you need, print a report or ping your colleague when that brilliant idea is fresh. Whether you're a global enterprise with thousands of employees or a small business with a single great idea, your success hinges on the ability to make your people as productive as possible.

How Novell solves the challenge

Novell workgroup solutions provide everything you need to support your information workers-and all the innovation, ideas, and advancements they'll develop in support of your business. And the way we enable these work processes gives you advantages that no other vendor can provide. We start by giving you a choice of platforms to host applications, we support common standards so you can extend your solution as business demands, we deliver security and reliability you can depend on, we tailor solutions to organizations large and small, and we leverage and support open source technologies so you have access to rich innovation and lower total cost of ownership. From start to finish, Novell brings you workgroup solutions that:

...deliver vital services and open source options

Novell Open Enterprise Server combines NetWare and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to deliver proven file, print, directory, management, collaboration and application services. Through Open Enterprise Server, Novell can help you migrate to Linux and take advantage of reduced licensing costs, hardware consolidation opportunities, and the thousands of applications and complementary technologies developed for Linux.

...bring security and reliability to collaboration

By very definition, information workers need to share information. But all too often, they are thwarted by viruses, security breaches and system downtime in their e-mail systems. Let the world's most secure, reliable collaboration solution-Novell GroupWise-restore e-mail as the place where work gets done, not lost.

...meet the needs of small businesses and remote offices

Small businesses need many of the same services as their large enterprise counterparts. But they don't need all the complexity, cost and system management requirements that come with enterprise-level solutions. In the same way, remote offices need robust services without bringing corporate IT staff onsite to manage it all. That's why Novell workgroup solutions include the Novell Small Business Suite and Novell Branch Office. These products deliver just the right functionality at just the right price.

Trade Up to More Secure Collaboration

How much work gets done when your collaboration system crashes? Almost none. This problem is all too familiar for organizations that rely on a collaboration system with a less-than-stellar security and reliability record. You shouldn't have to compromise. It's your business progress that's at stake. And in some cases, it's your reputation and customer goodwill you stand to lose. You need a collaboration solution that runs on the platforms you have, offers the features your information workers need and delivers the security and reliability that make a difference.

How Novell solves the challenge

This is your opportunity to swap the crashes, vulnerabilities and headaches of Microsoft Exchange for the security, reliability and efficiency of the Novell workgroup collaboration solution-GroupWise 7.

More than 90 percent of an organization's most current and confidential data is available within their communication and collaboration systems. Eighty-eight percent of viruses are spread through e-mail. How secure are you? An independent audit gauged the number of vulnerabilities in the major collaboration solutions. The results?

CERT.org July 2005 Documented Vulnerabilities:

  • Exchange/Outlook* = 357

  • Lotus* Domino* & Notes* = 72

  • GroupWise = 9

Just because you depend on Exchange, doesn't mean it's dependable. GroupWise 7 gives you a more reliable partner. A February 2005 survey revealed that:

  • 52 percent of GroupWise customers said they had not needed to reboot their GroupWise System for over six months.

  • 87 percent experienced less than 10 hours of unplanned downtime a year.

When it comes to TCO, GroupWise 7 is a perfect 10. Besides offering a much more attractive licensing package than Exchange, GroupWise boasts some rather juicy numbers:

  • A single GroupWise administrator can easily manage more than 10,000 users.

  • Some administrators manage as many as 20,000 users each.

  • GroupWise 7 can handle a load capacity up to 200 times greater than that of Exchange, vastly reducing your hardware acquisition and management costs.

Novell GroupWise 7 comes equipped with a new migration utility that makes for a painless switch from Microsoft* Exchange 5.5, Outlook 2000 or a previous version of GroupWise. The reality is that it may actually be easier and cheaper for your organization to move to GroupWise 7 than to migrate to Exchange 2003.

Lower the Cost of Workgroup Services

Everywhere you look, budgets are tight. The heady days of “spend and deploy” are over. Today, organizations have to ask themselves some tough questions before pulling out the checkbook: Will this investment improve user productivity and protect my existing investments? Will it help me do more with less? Will it help me redeploy hardware, extend the skills of my IT staff or make users less likely to call the help desk for simple tasks? Whether it's big or small, you need to squeeze every bit of value from your IT budget.

How Novell solves the challenge

Let Novell deliver the cost savings your accounting department craves. Open source may have tantalized you before, but you wondered if you'd have the support and service to back you up. Wonder no more: Novell has made Linux ready for the workgroup. In addition, all Novell workgroup products have been designed to deliver budget-friendly benefits in the following areas:

Increasing user productivity

Novell Open Enterprise Server includes features that help users help themselves. Things like iPrint-which lets users locate and install printers without making six calls to the help desk, or iFolder-which automates file back up so you won't run the risk of losing key proposal right before that important client pitch. And, Novell GroupWise 7 includes a number of enhancements made with user productivity in mind. A customizable home view, multiple calendars for managing various schedules and integration between e-mail and instant messaging all enable users to work in the most effective way possible.

Enabling hardware consolidation

With Novell, you can bring Linux into the workgroup with confidence. So buy that less-expensive hardware, consolidate those single-purpose servers and let open source work its magic for you. And, because Novell Open Enterprise Server includes an entitlement for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, you can easily replace Microsoft, UNIX or other Linux distribution licenses you may be running today.

Reducing administration loads

Tell your administrators that they'll be managing fewer servers across fewer platforms, and they'll probably take your picture off the dartboard. Move to Linux and give them a single, simplified platform they'll want to manage.

Improving administrative capabilities

Administrators work long hours, and that costs you in the long run. So give them browser-based administration and cut back on travel expenses. Give them policy-based management and pay them for 50 hours rather than 80. Give them the ability to delegate administration and make their day.

Ensuring security and reliability

Nothing depletes a hole in ROI like security gaps and downtime. All Novell workgroup solutions are designed with security and reliability in mind. From identity management technology that raises the bar on Linux security to clustering and failover capabilities that ensure consistent operation, Novell can keep you up and running-for good.