NOVELL ZENworks Suite

ZENworks Suite automates and enforces business and IT management processes across the lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers and handhelds to control costs, ensure security and compliance, optimize the value of IT assets across diverse server and client platforms

ZENworks 7 Suite

Simplified Delivery and Management of Diverse IT Resources

lower IT support costs

Novell ZENworks makes it easy to deploy, manage and maintain IT resources in today's diverse IT environments. By providing an integrated set of cross-platform tools that automate management across the lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers and handheld devices, ZENworks lets customers eliminate administrator effort and reduce IT costs while delivering the IT resources that users need, when they need them-all based on identity.

Novell ZENworks Suite includes the following capabilities:

  • Desktop Management

  • Linux Management

  • Patch Management

  • Server Management

  • Handheld Management

  • Personality Migration

  • Data Management

  • Software Packaging

Automated identity-driven resource management

Novell ZENworks provides an automated, intelligent way to manage the complex platforms and systems that makeup today's IT environments. By automatically applying and enforcing business policies, ZENworks dynamically manages IT resources based on user and device identities. Only ZENworks provides this identity-based, Policy-Driven Automation solution. Novell ZENworks is a complete IT Resource Management solution that lets customers efficiently manage their IT environments today while laying a management foundation for the future. ZENworks delivers this award-winning value, through:


Novell ZENworks streamlines IT management processes across today's multi-platform environments by providing secure, Identity-Driven lifecycle management of desktops, laptops, servers and handheld devices.


Novell ZENworks helps companies create secure and stable environments by automating the process of measuring, maintaining, and managing a standard operating environment across the enterprise. ZENworks also helps administrators easily understand the complexities of their IT resources so they can quickly pinpoint deviations from their standard environment and identify security risks before they become a problem. With ZENworks, companies can proactively defend their environments against future security risks and vulnerabilities.


Novell ZENworks gives companies complete choice over the operating systems in their environment, which allows them to integrate client and server systems that meet both current and future business needs. With support for Windows*, Linux*, Novell NetWare, Novell Open Enterprise Server, Novell Linux Desktop, Palm*, Windows CE, Pocket PC and RIM* BlackBerry* platforms, as well as directory integration with Novell eDirectory? and Microsoft Active Directory*, ZENworks significantly enhances the management of complex, diverse IT environments.


Novell ZENworks offers a complete lifecycle management approach that allows organizations to build and maintain stable, predictable and reliable environments. Over Forty million users rely on environments managed by Novell ZENworks every day.


Novell ZENworks dramatically reduces IT support costs. With Policy-Driven Automation, IT administrators can "eliminate" effort, not just reduce it.

efficiently manage desktops

Novell ZENworks Desktop Management reduces the total cost of ownership of Windows desktops and laptops, letting administrators automatically and transparently configure, update and troubleshoot workstations from wherever they are-inside or outside the firewall-without having to visit each device. Using policies, administrators can generate and maintain work environments with content and applications tailored to the personal needs of each user or group of users. As a result, users access their work environments and applications in a simple, consistent way from any device, at any location.

With Novell ZENworks Desktop Management, administrators can also:

Manage desktop assets

View detailed inventory from across multiple Windows operating systems with ZENworks comprehensive desktop hardware and software inventory and quick out-of-the-box reports. Manage Windows workstations with SUSE LINUX servers Not only can customers manage Windows workstations from Windows or NetWare servers, they can now do all this using the power and security of SUSE Linux servers.

Manage devices remotely

Remotely manage workstations across multiple operating systems, including file transfers and real-time diagnostics.

Deploy and maintain an SOE

Enforce a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) using Policy-Driven Automation and simultaneously update the configurations and software on thousands of desktops and laptops-all from a single location.

Migrate PC personalities

Fully capture and restore a Windows desktop work environment so administrators can easily manage, move and maintain a user's desktop with minimal disruption to business.

Easily image devices

Use a simple, graphical interface to image devices and even split large images. Using policies, ZENworks can either take an image or put an image onto a workstation. Add-on images provide additional flexibility in creation and delivery of a standard base image.

Simplify server management

Novell ZENworks Server Management reduces the costs associated with managing diverse servers by using Policy-Driven Automation to simplify routine server management processes. It eliminates redundant administration tasks letting administrators manage and configure geographically disbursed servers or groups of servers across multiple server platforms- including Windows, Linux, NetWare and Novell Open Enterprise Server-inside or outside their corporate firewall.

With Novell ZENworks Server Management, administrators can also:

Ensure a secure and consistent environment Standardize server configurations and securely deploy server applications, files and patches to network servers throughout their organization, all from a central location based on policies. Provides efficient and flexible distributions to ensure critical updates are sent immediately and servers are properly configured.

Manage server assets

Comprehensive server hardware and software inventory and quick out-of-the-box reports lets administrators view detailed inventory from across multiple operating systems.

Manage across multiple platforms

Extended platform support includes support for Windows Server 2003, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 2.1 and 3.0, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Novell Open Enterprise Server, and Novell NetWare providing server management across all platforms.

Manage and monitor efficiently

Maintain a secure and stable server environment, including Linux and eDirectory management and monitoring. Easier to use management and monitoring services save time with tear-off views, third-party MIB compilation and custom maps. Also includes new centralized agent configuration and rules-based management of alerts and alarms.

Leading linux management

ZENworks Linux Management is the only solution that uses Policy-Driven Automation to deploy, manage and maintain Linux resources. These automated and intelligent policies allow ZENworks Linux Management to provide centralized control across the lifecycle of Linux systems with desktop lockdown, imaging, remote control, inventory and software management.


LinuxWorld "Best Systems Management Tools" Awards

Novell ZENworks Linux Management was judged the Best Systems Management Tools in both 2004 and 2005. Novell ZENworks Linux Management is a powerful and secure management solution that provides IT administrators with centralized control over software configurations on Linux servers and workstations.

-LinuxWorld 2004; LinuxWorld 2005

With ZENworks Linux Management, administrators can:

Gain centralized Web-based control

The ZENworks Control Center, an all-new intuitive Web-based administration console, simplifies administration and gives administrators centralized Web-based control. Administrators use Policy-Driven Automation to manage Linux workstations and servers from a central location and to keep devices secure and stable with centralized logging, monitoring and remote control.

Lockdown and configure device

Keep devices secure and stable through centralized management of configuration files. Advanced policies let administrators control desktop and server settings as well as certain applications.

Automate software and patch management

Significantly reduce the time and risk of managing continuous software and security packages, and instantly resolve conflicts to keep Linux resources up to date. ZENworks automatically checks software package dependencies and alerts administrators of conflicts before completing installations. Software package rollback capabilities can revert a previously installed software configuration or configuration state on a specific date.

Accelerate Linux deployments

Centrally manage and control Linux images to automate and accelerate Linux deployments- including SUSE Linux and Novell Linux Desktop.

Manage Linux assets

Track and account for Linux software and hardware with granular inventory gathering and reporting.

automate patch management

Novell ZENworks Patch Management? is a powerful, automated patch management solution that helps companies manage the increasing numbers of patches, updates and fixes that their enterprise environments require.

With ZENworks Patch Management, administrators can also:

Detect vulnerabilities

Quickly determine what patches are right for their organization with detailed patch information and automatically apply them across their enterprise. Applicable target selection and flexible scheduling options ensure that the right devices receive the right patches when they need them.

Deploy patches from all major vendors

Fully support patches from Microsoft, in addition to providing patch support for all major vendors, including IBM, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, McAfee, WinZip, Citrix, UNIX, Novell and many others.

Defend their network

Dynamic graphical reports let administrators determine missing patches and determine what devices are in compliance, facilitating vulnerability assessment and ongoing security compliance.

Lower mobile support costs

ZENworks Handheld Management capabilities reduce high ownership costs, strengthen corporate data security, and increase productivity for a highly mobile workforce.

With ZENworks Handheld Management, administrators can also:

Secure corporate information on handheld devices

Password enforcement, content distribution, and application management ensure corporate information is secure. Administrators can reduce security risks by centrally administering and enforcing password policies and synchronizing the user's device password with their network password. Administrators can also provide self-destruct or lockout capabilities for lost or stolen devices.

Optimize sporadic, low-bandwidth connectivity

Techniques such as compression, checkpoint restart, delta technology, and configurable bandwidth usage optimize connectivity.

Automate handheld management

From a central location, administrators can manage handheld configurations and automatically deploy handheld software and content. User-based management lets administrators manage handhelds by user as well as device. Remote control capabilities let administrators configure and resolve device issues without a trip to the user's desk.

Manage handheld assets

Comprehensive hardware and software inventory of handhelds gives administrators detailed query and reporting capabilities.

File retrieval

Automatic file retrieval protects both personal and corporate application data on handhelds by backing up data files to a network file server.

protect user data

ZENworks Data Management ensures that user files and data are always protected, available from any location, and easily recovered in the event that local data is lost-all without administrator intervention.


InfoWorld 2005 Technology of the Year Award

InfoWorld's Test Center identifies the big ideas and the 33 hottest products that will transform IT. Novell ZENworks 6.5 was named Best System Management Solution calling it a "venerable suite that improves support for handhelds and reaches out to Linux."

-InfoWorld, January 2005

With ZENworks Data Management, administrators can also:

Automatically back-up data

Automatic local data back up ensures valuable information is never lost, even though a device may be.

Automatically synchronize data

Updating and synchronization of local user files happens automatically without IT intervention or wasting worker time.

Make user files available from anywhere User files are securely available from any device via the Web allowing users to be productive from any location.

Simplify software packaging

ZENworks Software Packaging reduces IT costs by simplifying the installation, customization and management of applications by allowing administrators to rapidly prepare reliable Windows Installer (MSI) software packages for distribution across their enterprise.

With ZENworks Software Packaging, administrators can also:

Rapidly prepare MSI software packages Leverage all the benefits of MSI applications- such as self-healing, installation rollback, installation conditions and transforms- using powerful tools to convert their legacy applications to the MSI format.

Automate the repackaging process

Automatically convert all software including legacy setup files and ZENworks snAppShot? AOT and AXT files to standard MSI packages. Create customized packages Build transforms (MST) that safely modify MSI packages to meet the specific needs of any user or group.

Automatically create deploy-ready packages

Automatically create MSI application objects for deployment with ZENworks Desktop Management or ZENworks Server Management.

complete identity-driven IT resource management

With Novell ZENworks, companies get a complete IT Resource Management solution that reduces IT costs by automating management across the lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers and handheld devices. ZENworks unique Policy-Driven Automation eliminates administrative effort and increases the efficiency, scalability and flexibility of IT staff and assets. With enterprise-class desktop management, server management, handheld management, data management, Linux management, patch management, personality migration and software packaging, only Novell ZENworks lets customers efficiently manage their IT environments today while laying a management foundation for the future.

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